No Insurance? No Problem!

ChiroHealth USA (CHUSA)

By joining the ChiroHealthUSA Program, you immediately become eligible to enjoy discounted fees that include your first day initial consultation and x-rays, as well as discounts on all adjustments, therapies (decompression, low light laser, and electric stimulation, and massage), and all products (excluding doTERRA essential oils).

Partially insured patients, who have coverage from some services and not others, like Medicare patients, may use their ChiroHealthUSA benefits to complement their existing benefits, specifically for the non-covered services.

Your membership is just $49.00/year and includes you and everyone in your household. To join, simply complete a membership application in our office. We will collect the enrollment fee and submit it online for processing. It’s that simple!

Discount: 25% off Exams and Adjustments; 50% off Massages (15, 30, 60, and 90 minutes)
Special rate for your 1st day visit includes: consultation, exam, and x-rays

Questions about CHUSA?

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